Quick Fix for a Big Space

I talked a little bit in this post about my hopes and dreams and utter confusion around the current state of my family room:


From the Dining Nook

There are a lot of things happening in this picture that are pretty accurate to what’s always going on in here: bunny figurines, a cat, seven thousand patterns, and a distressing camo chair that D loves so I practice patience towards.

So what do you do when you have an ugly couch/chair combo, limited funds and don’t know what size space you’ll be moving to next?


I waited for Target to have a coupon, and I picked up a couch cover for under $60, which is way cheaper than buying a new couch, even on Craigslist.

It came in a box that didn’t seem like it should be able to fit an entire couch cover, which I will never be able to get back into that box ever again.


IMG_4130.jpgIt also came with a print out of written instructions and diagrams that showed me exactly how to put the couch cover on. Pretty easy-peasy. There’s a tag that tells you which part of the cover is which:


Just put the couch cover over the back of the couch:


Spend some time tucking things in the order they tell you to and voila! Brand new couch for much, much less:


Spend some time getting it situated, add some throw pillows, and you have a brand new family room!

The best part? It took me, by myself, 10 minutes to figure this out and do it. Now that  I have it figured out, I’m going to guess it will take 5 minutes. Which is awesome. I can wash it as often as I want, the fabric is amazingly comfortable and even though you can clearly tell there’s a couch cover on it, I don’t even care because it looks lightyears better than the other couch before.


One more little pinnable look:

QFF_ Couch Cover


So, a look at where we’re at since I made my prioritized list:

Finallyfoundmy newhome! (1)

I talked to my family about the coffee table and my mom ended up saying she wanted to do a project with it. Two down: 18 to go!

A. Rose (1)

I Came Back

I took a break from blogging a little while ago. The things happening in schools halted me, and required me to take a step back and look at what I care about, and what I’m doing to impact the things that I care about.

IMG_4521 (1)

I’m glad I took the time away, because what I learned is that I don’t want to be away.

I have always loved to write, and I’ve always cared more about the process of doing something than the finished product of what got done. The two together make this the perfect place for me.


And so I’m here, with a plan, and a lot in my head I want to get down, and a lot of your voices I want to honor. I hope this goes well for both of us. & I hope you’ll continue to join me here, where the intricate details of life are perfectly imperfect.

A. Rose (1)