Two Organized Closets

In my dream life, I organize a space one time and it works forever.

In my real life, I have two closets that terrify me, one by the front door and one in my bedroom.



What is even going on here???

You can see some semblance of me attempting to organize in each closet, months ago. The bedroom closet (top image) became the catch-all for all the things that couldn’t fit in the storage closet and the storage closet (bottom image) was somewhat functional, but the combination of the vacuum (similar here)and bicycle meant it was hard for my short arms to reach into the shelves, no matter where I put them.


I was laying in bed one weekend and looking at my closet and it dawned on me: part of the problem is that the wrong things are are in the wrong closet.

There really is no better place for the vacuum or bicycle, so I need to move the things I use all the time into the closet that’s easier to get to. I feel like that should be a no brainer, but for me it wasn’t. I just kept moving things around in the same closet and adding things and changing them.

So I woke up this morning and decided to tackle this project. I started the way I always start: by doing some yoga, making breakfast, calling my mom…everything I could think of that would avoid tackling this. AND THEN… I opened all the curtains and made the bed.

Curtains / Sheers / Brown Blanket / Similar Quilt / Similar Lamp / Dressers

Then, I pulled out what I knew was already organized: my travel bag (the blue one at the top of the bedroom closet) full of all my purses. I lucked out, and the travel bag fit perfectly into my tote!


Leaving me with a pretty little package of purses!


And then – joy of joys – that tote full of bags fit into my duffel bag! Combining three things into one made a HUGE difference.


I kept pulling things out that I knew didn’t need sorting through: a big box of yarn, things from my childhood, boxes of pictures, etc. I stacked them all in my family room, near the storage closet.


Anything that I was confused about went on the bed.


I just kept doing that until the closet was mostly empty. I was left some weird items that I tossed, a robe and a scarf.


The scarf was an easy fix: I keep mine on my super fancy hanger-and-dollar-store-shower-curtain-hooks-combo:


The robe has been a constant sore spot. I finally grabbed a Command Hook and stuck it in a little corner behind the closet doors.


I grabbed up my other robe that also had no home and put them both on it! Easy peasy!

Then, I walked back to the storage closet. Upon closer inspection, I found chaos.

IMG_3605.jpgAnd more chaos.
And even more chaos.

So, I got overwhelmed and walked away for a few minutes. Then, I decided to move the things that were causing me the most trouble.


Then, it got much easier to go back to what I had been doing: putting the things I know about in one spot and everything else on the bed. The result was… very different from before.


As I pulled things out, I used a damp cloth to wipe all of the dust off everything I pulled out.


And then I started in again using the same method: anything that was already “packed” got put into the bottom of the storage closet because the likelihood of me needing easy access to it is minimal, and the bike and vacuum are going to be in the way.


Anything that I use on a regular basis got sorted through or cleaned up and placed in the top of the bedroom closet, so that I can easily get to it.


Already things were starting to feel MUCH better. I was left with a strange assortment of things on the bed and pile of papers that I’d just been adding to without bothering to sort thorough. The pile of papers I put on the kitchen table so I would have to look at it if I wanted to do something.

SOn the bed, you can kind of tell, is gift wrapping stuff (including a box of boxes), my dolls from my childhood, and a backpack. The kitchen table is a another story. I decided I’d start with the backpack.

I do love Pusheen, but I haven’t taken that stuff out of there since August, so I texted a friend to see if she wanted it (she did), and the books went on to the bookshelf.

The dolls got tucked away in a safe spot at the top of the bedroom closet, and I slipped the gift wrapping supplies into another, larger bag that went into the storage closet.

When I sat down and examined the pile of papers, there was little that wasn’t expired or out of date. I saved a few letters from friends & some student loan paperwork and the rest went into the trash, except for an on-paper family medical history I’d written down seven years ago and moved from house to house. That got typed up and saved for my next doctors appointment.


The most plaguing thing for my whole series of moves has always been the stacks of paintings that I carry with me from house to house. I love them, they are plaguing in that way, but finding homes for the pieces that don’t fit on the wall is tricky.


So I walked between the closets and I totally lucked out that the ceiling in the bedroom closet was tall enough for the tallest piece, a picture from the childhood bedroom!


I continued to stack frame after frame until I was left with this:


And that was that! All-in-all, this only took me an hour and a half. I stopped when I needed to but never for more than ten minutes. Ready to see how it looked??

Here’s a quick reminder of the before:

And after:


And some side-by-sides just for funsies.



I’m in love!

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